Carnival Float for 2017

The theme is ‘Television Programmes’…

We decided to go for ROBOT WARS… lifelong mega fans of the programme going back over 15 years, and delighted it is back on the screens.

Decided to build two robots, to be piloted from the inside by Josh and Dan.  Emma and Tim would be on the outside with remote controls, whilst I would have a microphone and powerful speaker on a backpack.

SPLYNTER was a lighter machine… it featured a really high revolution spinning cutting disc, a flamethrower by the disc, plus an awesome axe at the rear…

2017-06-10 13.05.43

2017-06-10 13.51.11 HDR

2017-06-10 13.24.27

WOODCHUCK was a heavy beast.  It featured a powerful flipper, plus a cutting disc to the rear.  It also had a smoke machine.

2017-06-10 13.35.58 HDR2017-06-10 13.05.49


(Emma’s delighted to have got the back room back to normal now though)

They were both fairly easy to steer and caused a big commotion as we went past.

2017-06-10 15.10.122017-06-10 15.42.39

We won the Family Trophy yet again!  (although we missed not having Ollie in Team Wood)

2017-06-10 15.17.09 HDR

See the video here:

Oh, and after the parade, Josh and Dan had a real battle:




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