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2015 update…

June 8, 2015

A brilliant day – the weather was on our side and we had a great time!  As usual, it was lovely to hear the enthusiasm from the crowds as we walked to 2.5 miles around the village.

back room

At first we were worried it wouldn’t get out of the back room but my measurements were spot on and out it went.  We did two trips to the assembly point with each section in the trailer – fitted beautifully!

We joined the two together with my clever, albeit untested, rope coupling system and waited for the judging.  Great to see all the walking and lorry floats assembling and we were eventually interviewed by the judges, and the local press.



When I said ‘untested’, I should have actually tested it…  the back half had a mind of its own and veered off to the left, dragging the back end of the front half with it.  Poor Dan inside had a terrible struggle trying to keep it straight.  Emma took over inside and last a few minutes… then over to me…  NIGHTMARE!

Fortunately we soon had a brief stop for the parade to catch up behind us (some of the lorries were huge and had problems going round corners.  Welcome to my world!).   I quickly cut the ropes, re-tied them and made it possible for Emma to pull the second row of houses, while I kept the houses stocked with powerful smoke bombs.

A hot, fun procession around the village followed, with so many of our friends in the village, and pupils at Emma’s school, shouting and waving as we passed…  The smoke billowed; Josh had a burning loaf of bread and rang a bell shouting “FIRE!” as we went round at a steady pace.



At the end, in the centre ring on the Recreation Ground, it was announced that of the family parties we had won the trophy (for the seventh year running!)… several families vowed, good-naturedly, to take the trophy from us next year – it’d be great for even more families to enter as it is so much fun…  Josh and Dan loved it and Emma’s FitBit went into the red as it monitored her heartbeat!  We did miss Tim and Ollie this year, but I guess their university exams were more important…

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 08.42.26 Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 08.41.55(those two pics from the Windsor Express)