Wood Family Float for 2015

It’s just about finished!

As usual, I’m not putting pics up until after the event, as there are spies out there…

The theme this year is ‘British Historic Events‘… sounds easy but our history basically seems to be just a load of battles…

Saying that, we have chosen ‘The Great fire of London‘ – happy to reveal our theme, as the Carnival Programme is out any day now and the float themes are in it.  The lack of interesting historic events can be seen by the fact that there are three with the same theme!

Provisional list of floats etc. in this year’s parade

  • The Great Fire Of London
  • The Battle Of Hastings
  • 1953 celebrate the Queen’s coronation
  • 1666 Fire of London
  • The Tower of London Poppies
  • The Gunpowder Plot
  • Royal Weddings
  • VE Day Street party

Family entries
The Wood Family – The Great Fire of London (that’s us!)
Thomson Family – The Battle of Britain (that’s not us)

Needless to say ours will stand out… costumes just about sorted… only three of us visible this year, as Dan will be ‘inside’ pushing/steering the 16ft long float!

The whole thing, props etc. etc. etc. has cost about £80… I raised this in a most traumatic way recently – I was paid £95 to taste beers for a market research focus group one evening.  Hic!

Carnival is on Saturday 6 June… can’t wait!  Shame Tim and Ollie are still at uni…

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