Wood Family Float 2014

Building is under way…  the theme for the carnival this year is ‘Fairy Tales’…  sounds easy, but not when you’ve got to try and build something in your back room, that includes the whole family and is original!

We wanted to build a Beanstalk, but the route passes under lots of wires etc, so that was out.  We’d built a house a few years back so a Gingerbread cottage was out…

We’ve just heard that the company which normally provides lorries for the parade has pulled out, so that means up to eight village groups are trying to find other lorries or may join us as foot parties – it’ll still be great fun!

The only problem is that our idea does involve me having a bare stomach… not sure if the village is ready for that.

Wait and see on 7th June for what we’ve come up with!

30 May update: Carnival programme is out now…  we are down as entering with the theme of  ‘ALADDIN’ – but what are we building…?



Despite terrible weather forecast, the sun came out at midday and shone all afternoon.  Managed to get the float out through the house somehow and onto the trailer, then off to the starting point.

The other floats were all brilliant again and the atmosphere was lovely…  Our float stayed in one piece all the waty round, and the new 600watt sound system blasted out Aladdin music; Ollie kept his lamp smoking with his powerful smoke pellets; Emma was resplendent in her Princess Jasmine/belly dancer costume; I was the genie, but bottled out of painting myself blue (not enough blue paint). Stars were Josh and Dan who steered the magic carpet well (and baffled people who thought they really were sitting on it and wondered how it was driving along!) – it was like a complex three-legged race… being twins though, they were in perfect harmony!

A great reception from everyone en route and, yes… we managed to scoo-p first prize in the family float category (again!)…

photo 2 photo 1

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